About Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers is a professional football team based in Blackburn, Lancashire. The club has been playing in the Premier League, which is one of the most prestigious domestic cup competitions in the world. Initially established in 1875, Blackburn Rovers was one of the clubs responsible for the creation of the Football League in 1888. Blackburn Rovers is one of the oldest football teams in the world and they play in a ground that is equally old. Ewood Park has been the home of Blackburn Rovers since 1890 and it has a total capacity of 31,367.

The club has enjoyed a plot of success in the First Division and also in the Premier League. The club has been mostly in the First Division, although it was related in 1966. It was a landmark moment in the clubs history, as it had enjoyed 26 successive seasons in the top flight until then. The club did not return back to the top flight until 1992 when they were promoted to the newly formed Premier League.

Spurred on by the richness provided by the local businessmen Jack Walker, Blackburn Rovers enjoyed a lot of success in the initial years of the Premier League. In fact, they became the champions in 1995. Alongside Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea, and they are the only winners of the Premier League so far. After Jack Walker’s less involvement in the club during the late 1990s, the club fell into a period of downtown and were eventually relegated from the top flight in 1999. However, it took the club only two years to get back into the top flight and they have stayed there ever since.

The club has a rich history in terms of winning titles and they are just one of the very few clubs to have won the FA Cup on three successive occasions. They did so in 1884, 1885, and 1886. The English FA commended this achievement with a special trophy that resides in the trophy cabinet alongside various other memorabilia. One among them is the Premier League trophy, which they lifted in 1995. Aside from the three consecutive FA Cup victories, Blackburn Rovers have also won it on three different occasions, but all have come before the World War.

Other notable trophies that Blackburn Rovers have lifted during their long history include the League Cup in 2002, Charity Shield in 1912, and Full Members Cup winners in 1987. Aside from the professional side, the youth team of Blackburn has also been fairly successful because of the youth policy of the club. The club’s home shirt consists of blue and white colours in equal proportions, while the crest of the club has a red rose. Blackburn Rovers is also one of the unique clubs that has the acceptance from the English FA to display their crest in the corner flags in order to demonstrate the three successive FA Cup victories. Notable players to include the likes of Alan Shearer, Bill Eckersley, Andrew Cole, and Derek Fazackerley.

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