Ronaldinho Is Officially The Weekly Flamenco € 130,000

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Beijing, January 11, the famous Brazilian club Flamengo announced on the official site, the team signed former World Player Ronaldinho in Cheap Soccer Jersey, and have a three and a half contract. It is reported that weekly earnings up to € 13,000,000 Ronaldinho. While Ronaldinho and AC Milan, Adriano Galliani, vice-president on Jan. 6 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, gave a press conference to announce the news of Ronaldinho to leave the Serie A club but the club next Ronaldinho in Brazil but they are not released immediately. For example Gremio, Corinthians and Flamengo of Brazil, many of them are for the wealthy guests to join Ronaldinho is keen, and the English Premier League Blackburn Rovers are confident that the introduction of Ronaldinho.Although Ronaldinho Gremio as a “home” team to win and was once considered safe and ready before the official opening celebration into consideration. But in the end, or the former World Player with the Thai Football Kits of the treatment of choice as a result more favorable to the Flamengo soccer after Brazil, the new owner. ” Flamenco earlier Saturday signed an agreement with AC Milan have agreed a transfer fee, or even before Milan vice president Adriano Galliani announced that Ronaldinho is 99.99% of guitarists. ” It is reported that the players of the club AC Milan to € 3,000,000 in transfer fees and the future of flamenco engineering priority purchase Rookie. The 30-year-old Ronaldinho Flamengo receive up to € 13 million in the week, some of which pay for traffic Olympikus business and will be paid instead. Flamenco is the official website announced the news of Ronaldinho after accession will take place on Thursday, media and fans respond to Flamengo player Ronaldinho with the Brazil World Cup Soccer Jersey as the first face to the outside world.Ronaldinho money all of a sudden change of behavior of large competitors, fans sing songs insulting Guild verärgert.auch bar Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho has no incentive to leave in advance. Brazilian fans in a website, fans Ronaldinho Gremio fans will be in the synthesis of the nominal value of 50 real head of the Brazilian currency, the love of money that used to make fun of Ronaldinho. Two seasons at Paris Saint-Germain, Ronaldinho French championship game 17 goals 55 times in the summer of 2003 was worth € 32,500,000 Ronaldinho to Barcelona to five years in Barcelona, Ronaldinho has reached the pinnacle of his career. cattle on their dreams in the heart of Barcelona B team, two La Liga titles and one European Cup, Ronaldinho won after Europe and the world football gold. The summer of 2008 a significant decrease in the transition state of the Serie A AC Milan’s Ronaldinho, the next two seasons with Milan Ronaldinho in Brazil Jersey scored 20 goals in 76 games, but is due to the arrival of Ibrahimovic, who is still hanging nightclubs Ronaldinho on the bench completely reduced. Happy to play, Ronaldinho returned to Brazil in the winter league this year.

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