11 thoughts on “1994-95 Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers”

  1. 1994/95 was one of the most dramatic ends to a Premier League season.

    United and Blackburn were going for the title as Blackburn played Liverpool.

    As you can imagine, the Liverpool fans wanted to lose to Blackburn,
    ensuring United would not win their third league in a row.

    Someone forgot to tell Redknapp.

  2. 95 the glory days, always doing it the hard way lol proud to be a rover
    great memories

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  4. it was the last day of the season. ALLL the games on the last day start at
    the same time, even back in ’95.

  5. just to make things a little interesting the Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers
    and West Ham United v Manchester United games started at the same time.

  6. oooh samba is a big black man he comes from congo he’ll beat on on the
    football pitch and call your wife a ho he’s got the power header trait and
    bangs up ronaldo he’s blackburn rovers number 4 and he can fucking score!

  7. What a pointless video uploaded! Where are the goals. FootballonDVD fails
    on every account.

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