A Tribute to Blackburn Rovers

Some of the biggest players, ambitions moments and individuals for Blackburn Rovers in contemporary day instances in my eyes. But I in no way would have been able to do this video with out these people, if you are a Blackburn fan then go to these pages: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com

25 thoughts on “A Tribute to Blackburn Rovers”

  1. @pnealltheway92 I think you’ll find Lancaster is a city aswell-in Lancashire, you fucking retard. Preston struggled to get 10,000 fans on this weekend against palace, and your nearest derby match next year will be Rochdale. Twat.

  2. pne r nothing blackburn r nothing n bolton r nothing u may of won the game rovers bt off the pitch ur firm is awful u got done over u soft idiots

  3. if i see one more fucking shit comment on the Tottenham hotspur champs league here we come video

  4. hey guys soz 4 sayin this cause it is nothing 2 do with blackburn but cld u guys subscribe 2 me coz im against a jackass from burnley and if i dont get 50 subscribers in 1 month ill have to say 2 him that burnley is a betta club and ill hav 2 give him 50 quid plz just click on my name and look at my channel thanks lads

  5. Awesome video!! However like Roverstillidie92 said we owe all of this to Uncle Jack. We would be nowhere without his money and support. Those 2 wins over Burnley this year were for you uncle Jack – R.I.P Rovers till i die!!!!

  6. ye Tottenham away thats all Im sayin Wolves are guna get ya wolves are guna get ya hahaaaa

  7. Come on rovers!! lets hammer burnley on sunday, show em what it means to be the pride of lancashire:D

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  9. haha what was the score wanker? who’s shit now eh fuck face…go back to championship where ya belong..cunt

  10. blackburn are shit ill be there sat and will not be disapoointed cos we will show them how to play football my prediction 4-0 to the wolves easy

  11. Good video. Not to be pedantic, but there is a spelling error on the last slide. You said ‘are’ instead of ‘our’.

    Not sure about that freaky moment with the camera on Jack Walker though. Was that intentional?

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