Arsenal v. Watford November 1982

A John Barnes hatrick inspires Watford to a 4-two victory at Highbury in November 1982. The Hornets had been to end 2nd in the 1st division that year.

16 thoughts on “Arsenal v. Watford November 1982”

  1. AdamZerny – many, many thanks for posting this. I was there and it is one of my most cherished memories of Watford (my brother, a Gunner, was not so happy). There was another match in the same month where a certain mob called Spurs were also beaten by the Horns.

  2. don’t be a sore loser arsenal have beaten them since yeah but got to admit this watford played much better than us! well done watford

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  4. is that a young Martin Keown in the crowd with the grey suit on behind Pat Jennings and John Hollins?

  5. Oh my god. The greatest watford team ever !!
    This brings back great memories of the glory days.

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