25 thoughts on “Be a Pro, Career Mode | Blackburn Rovers | Season 3 Episode 1”

  1. Gary Johnson is a good dealer but not like amazing, i would be happy with midtable, im guessing you and the fans expecting automatic promotion this season?

  2. You need to improve your positioning a lot more.Try to stay in the circle.Itll improve your rating too

  3. thanks dude, I tend to be an idiot so being a goalie isn’t going to work very well but as you say, it is funny 😀

  4. I am shit at keeping 🙁 Whenever I play I always get board and start running upfield and going up for every corner and then they score from like 50 yards 🙁

  5. You will get better as season goes on 🙂
    Add Me on XBOX and I will give you a game 🙂
    GT – x iTwizzLe XD

  6. what does that do? Yes, I am a complete noob at being a goalkeeper, I know how to move, dive, rush out and dive to the feet.

  7. Probably better than Sheffield United ;D no, honestly. I think you’ll come midtable again, if you ever got a good manager who could wheel and deal then you could definitely look at the playoffs because no one pays attention to you, dark horse type of club.

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