8 thoughts on “Blackburn Manager Steve Kean calling Sam Allardyce a “crook”….”

  1. Lol at 2:33 Kean says “were gonna finish top half & win the carling cup”. To be fair it sounds as if hes had a few, and it was a bit sly to film him. He’s got enough problems as it is.

  2. what a bell end, should have known better, would love to know what really happened at Blackburn he was clearing leading the charge when Big Sam was sacked, So what goes around comes around Steve…………plus your a shite manager

  3. The guy is clearly intoxicated.. I don’t know one person who doesn’t talk shit when they are drunk. Nevertheless, still doesn’t excuse for owners for keeping him in charge. Should have been sacked long ago

  4. Both managers aren’t successful, no need to fuss: move on Rover fans!.

  5. this guy really needs tobe kicked out of football he knows naf all
    no the wonder their best players left what a joke a backstabber
    think he needs to get on his chicken chaser and do all the fans in this country and f___koff

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