1. @the2k Fortunately for us, we’ve got Daniel Levy in charge and he’s possibly the best chairman in world football.

  2. fuck off now keen.

    and to the ignorant spurs fans, if your club is ever in this situation then maybe you’ll regret some of the posts you’ve made…. It could happen to you.

  3. @LBZ20LEH
    Not even a season you mug, 30 games in charge. If you watched the game against spurs you’d see you were by far the better team and it was a lack of striking options that cost you. It’s fans like you that make me happy when shit teams like blackburn get relegated. I hope kean does get the sack and you still go down. COYS

  4. @TheBizzleBizzle

    Season and a half then im not assed on your views a huge chunk of the fans want him gone and im one of them !

  5. @LBZ20LEH Nearly 2 seasons? he only came in last year ffs. You’ve got a 5hite squad, that’s why your where you are.

  6. Give the guy a break come to think of it it was only un fair desicions we lost we had 67% possesion and dominated and they are a top side so what its you who are destroying our club

  7. @669moggy Don’t complete shite you fucking tool. It’s the fans fault Rovers are in the shit they are in? What a complete prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrick!

  8. at the end of the day its not the managers fault , he can only help and do so much , its up to the players , and tootenham are good , cant expect a win against every one i agree with 669moggy , need that enthusiasm behind the team in a game , but good protest chants 🙂

  9. @669moggy

    Untill you know the facts then dont comment ,we care thats why we are doing this , we have had to deal with nearly 2 seasons of shite under steve kean , we want change he is destroying are club ! he has a 20% win ratio its shocking

  10. the team was supported all the way through the match. we did play ok, but at the end of the day its a results game, we simply dont win enough games, and under kean our record is SHITE. he has to go before relegation becomes a certainty!! enough said

  11. @669moggy what utter garbage you demented nob they support their club and team and did so through the game

  12. Obviously didnt use enough energy up supporting your team during the game. Maybe if you put as much enthusiasm into getting behind them they wouldnt be in this shit.

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