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  1. A bit of date. But a fine video nonetheless. BLACKBURN ROVERS TILL I DIE. Paul Whalley Rovers fan for the past 15 years on for the rest of my life.

  2. Rovers Chants app Now available in the Itunes app Store!
    The first dedicated Rovers application (iphone / ipod touch) for Blackburn fans all over the world!

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    Thanks in advance
    BRFC, The pride of Lancashire

  3. i went to an alehouse i used to frequent, i saw big sam bastard his money was spent he asked me to play i answer him nay, i said rubbish like yours i can beat anyday and its no nay never, no nay never no more, till we play BASTARD ROVERS, no nay never no more…we hate bastards

  4. My br0ther <3
    Christ0pher Samba <3
    L0ve Ya my br0ther <3
    Let's all d0 the sambaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =) <3
    Chris, I really miss y0u ='(
    C0me back t0 Grand-C0ur0nne (R0uen) ='(

  5. Pic of mark lookes like the ball is gonna hit him on the head. Great vid man… ROVERS TILL I DIE!

  6. There`s a pub down in Burnley i used to frequent. I met Owen Coyle his money was spent. He asked me to pay, i answered him NAY…..coz i hate Burnley bastards til my dying day! ;0)

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