25 thoughts on “Blackburn rovers 2006/2007 season review”

  1. hey guys soz 4 sayin this cause it is nothing 2 do with blackburn but cld u guys subscribe 2 me coz im against a jackass from burnley and if i dont get 50 subscribers in 1 month ill have to say 2 him that burnley is a betta club and ill hav 2 give him 50 quid plz just click on my name and look at my channel thanks lads

  2. BENNI can return to the FCP IN JANUARY 2010! – “The world of the news” at the Blackburn Rovers section or google!

  3. that season was of the best in years semi finals of the fa cup best run we have ever had in europe and i think we finished 6th aswell but not to sure about that
    rovers till i die

  4. one word which sums up you all….CUNTS

    Up the Clarets……suck my dick Rovers 🙂

  5. Amazing video..Gonna be sad to see tugay go at the end of this season though:(..Wot a legend

  6. a would love to see how blackburn coaped wiv man u in the champions league, fuckin flat face paul ince and the blackburn team shoutin their mouths about how it was men against boys wic man u v celtic last week,

    do blackburn remember the leatherin they got from celtic when it was meant to be men against boys back then?? nuff said,


  7. 2-1, who the fuck are burnley? micah hyde scufed that shot 2, shows how shit ya r

  8. Re:- MattyHill2008….When was the last time you city wankers won anything? Long before you were hatched I bet. Bet your dad wished he’d have put a johnny on then the world wouldn’t have to suffer little gobshites like you!

  9. blackburn orvers best teem in the worls tugay ultimate ledgend my favourite song to such a great vid

  10. Blackburn Rovers is the best football club ever for me too..

    A Romanian Fan.

  11. Blackburn Rovers is da best football club eva 4 me!!!

    A Hungarian fan…

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