25 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers beat the Dingles, Oct 2009”

  1. @Crofty9110 Lol yeah we always struggle at Blackburn, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got beat there it’s a tough place to go. The win in December was more about laying ghosts to rest really. We hadn’t beat you at home in ten years and Big Sam had also never lost to us. It was nice but we’ve done nothing much since!

  2. @notlobian4ever to be fair…i dont particularly like u lot but the way we defended for both of your goals was awful…was a fairly even game but we just didnt do enough..But hey we’ll get u back at ewood 😀

  3. nice when your team wins.i remember i went to blackburn years ago with my mate who was a chelsea fan.blackburn coppers were complete bastards back then

  4. @liquidsins2 And about the team we played you with: Bogdan, Steinsson, Knight, Ricketts, Alonso, Rodrigo, Cohen, Mark Davies, Taylor, Blake, Klasnic.

    Team that played Stoke on Saturday: Jaaskelainen, Steinsson, Cahill, Knight, Robinson, Chung-Yong, Holden, Muamba, Petrov, Davies, Elmander.

    Completely different team. Idiot.

  5. @liquidsins2 Oh, and when was the last time Burnley were in the top flight for a decade eh? Were you even born from your father’s vagina? I actually don’t mind Burnley to be honest, plebs like you don’t make me hate a club because every club has them. It’s Burnley fans who have a problem with us because you simply cannot handle the truth – Coyle went to the bigger club.

  6. @notlobian4ever so its your second team if you only dropped 1 player haha you thick cunt! inbred lol very original did you think of that all by yourself?? lol you only been in prem 2 mins yourself! na kid its cos burnley are a lot more passionate club than you. Anyway fuck off now your borin just like your club

  7. @liquidsins2 I know, that’s why it was a reserve team. Had it been our first team you would have struggled like you did at the Reebok. And you can get off your high horse you disfigured inbred little gobshite, all I heard from the infamous “Longside” or any other pathetic part of Turf was “Judas” which says to me you lot STILL aren’t over him. Do you really think you’ll win anything either?? I see you turned 2-0 and 3-2 into a 3-3 yesterday, against a bottom half Champ side. Still shit.

  8. @notlobian4ever lol second team you had like 1 decent player out! yea that cup did matter to you as your gonna win f all else! lol your deaf lad i thought the whole of the away end had just been to a funeral that night, you dint even try stick up for coyle. i recon you must o listened to the game on chorley fm.

  9. @liquidsins2 Beat on what argument? Yeah, you beat our reserves in a cup game. Mint for you lads. You didn’t get the result against us when it really mattered back in January though so as far as I’m concerned the cup game means fuck all. You did outsing us, but only when you went in front – at 0-0 I couldn’t hear you over us apart from the odd pathetic “Judas”. Not really sure which argument I’m trying to avoid really.

  10. hello mate i wanted to ask as my cousin is mark bunn one of the goal keepers blackburn rovers did he play this game many thanks kevin

  11. hello mate i wanted to ask was mark bunn playing this game for blackburn rovers as hes me cousine many thanks

  12. @notlobian4ever Oh did we thanks for pointing that out! You got beat on last argument so why you trying to start a new 1? you best save your breath mate.. might need to blow your lass up tonite eh 😉

  13. @liquidsins2 Yes, and it was a fantastic result. I was very proud for you. But unfortunately you still went fucking down you clown!

  14. @notlobian4ever lol another spelling teacher on youtube eh! At least your making more noise on here than at the game! BIG WOW WE BEAT UNITED !!!!

  15. @liquidsins2 Oh my god you can’t even spell Kay right! It’s three letters man! Yes, well played. You beat our second string, I won’t argue you outplayed them. Outsung… only when you went 1-0 up. But you followed it up by drawing with Bristol City. We followed it up by drawing with United. I know whose position I’d rather be in.

  16. @notlobian4ever who gives a fuck wat you think peter kaye? thought you wa gonna beat us, lol out played out sang so fuck off you soft cunt.

  17. @hoga32 lol i love these cunts who think their professors on youtube wi their spelling lessons, they think its an actual come back ha, no doubt he’ll be taking orders for everyones big mac later tho.

  18. @notlobian4ever yea wheres the love cunt!!!! hahaha 1 nill 1 nill 1 nill 1 nill!. coyle is leaving bolton too so fuck off peter kaye!!!!!!!

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