9 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers goals 2001-02”

  1. Makes me sad that this proud football club has gone but we can bring it
    back by getting rid of venkys and have the fans or even people who have the
    club at heart with players who want to play for it

  2. the 3 songs are as follows 1st song is – Shake UR Body by Shy FX 2nd song
    is – Komodo (Save a Soul) by Mauro Picotto 3rd song is – Flesh by Jan

  3. Sad really that this was Matt Jansen’s last real season, never came back
    mentally from his crash. My all time hero.

  4. brilliant video – which one’s the best? Tugay v Charlton for individual
    skill, or Duff’s weaving run for the opener against Boro

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