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  3. Why don’t you take a geography lesson – then you’d know which team I follow.

    I’ll make it easy for you asshole – you’ll be playing us next year. Maybe it’s you who should be watching the championship tapes.
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  4. Haha lemme guess SouthBristoler, you either support the team who stole our name and club colours, or the other shite that got windassed in the play-offs last year.Both shitty Bristol teams. Whats race got to do with football?

    Go and watch some Championship videos Bristol Fan.

  5. LOL Now you’ve sacked the nigger who are you gonna get to replace him? – a fucking paki?

    See you in the championship you losers!


  6. Who ever said I can’t spell Simon Garner’s name. You’re right, I am very sorry but I still think he is one of Blackburns best players. Sorry for the cock up OK.

  7. With respect mate, were was Simon Graner. The best Blackburn player never to play for England, and I trluy feel that if he had not been so loyal to Blackburn, he would have gotten at least one England cap. 194 carrer goals for a man who played much of his time in the lower leagues. What a guy what a player. Next time, you know what to do.

  8. Here is my list of Rovers legends. Past and present.Parks, Grarner, Hendrie, Shearer, Sutton, Jansen, Duff, Dunn, and the usaual players from the last three seasons. You know who they are.

  9. Amazing what you can learn from this. Well done and thankyou. oh i put all of the first six comments as good comments!

  10. cracking vid, it was way better with terraces, malways full grounds with amazingly mad fans, these days its just shit, it deserves more views 🙂

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