9 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers Relegated”

  1. the fans didnt exactly back the players or even give the gaffer a chance, they made their own players fear of playing at home partly why their in the champ next season

  2. Ok I’ve heard your video in full now and I apologise for calling you. However you are totally wrong in blaming the fans for any part in the clubs relegation. That lies firmly at the feet of the owners and their appointed manager.

  3. 1. its not my room 😛 2. Im not a blackburn fan! so don’t emotional on my video TROLOL

  4. you seem like a decent kid but a few things: 1 decorate your room you scruffy sod, 2/ stop f*cking chewing, 3/ suck it in princess your sh*t club, sh*t fans, sh*t owners, sh*t players & sh*t manager are were they belong, well not quite there’s 2 more divisions to go down to yet or more, you’re not a football town & your fans are not loyal, whinging all season instead of supporting your sh*t players, God Steve Keane, freeman of Burnley, bring on next season when we wipe you like a dirty ar*e!

  5. Rovers were relegated because the Walker Trust sold the club to new owners without doing the due diligence on how the new owners would run the club. Jack Walker will be turning in his grave.

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