Blackburn Rovers team bus before FA cup semi-final

Whilst strolling via Manchester metropolis center before the FA cup semi-closing with Chelsea, we noticed the staff bus exterior the Hilton hotel just as the group was coming out….
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20 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers team bus before FA cup semi-final”

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  2. ye, our support that day was awsome, it was a quality day out that, but now the stupid f.a hav put the semis at wembley which spoils it, i would prefere it to be at old trafford again, fantastic day out
    i would pay loads to repeate that day, apart from the result lol 🙂

  3. Gamst looked more like the club model then a footballer. Was like, yeah where’s the shades and sunshine! lol

  4. excellent video there lads, like you say it says alot about blackburn rovers football club bein a family club, many others would have had there fans well away, shows how much rovers means to blackburn doesnt it. you can tell who the fans favs are though, dint hear anything for todd, that welsh keeper bloke who i dont know and henchoz,lol. come on the blues!!!

  5. To be honest, we were on a pre-match pub crawl & stumbled upon the team bus outside the Hilton Hotel in Manchester.

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