25 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers – The team that Jack Walker built Part 1”

  1. To me a supporter of Blackburn for over 10 years, Jack Walker is was and forever will be the heart and soul of Blackburn Rovers. Every single supporters should realsie that without him,we would have had not championship win in 1995. Without him,there would not be any money in the gr8 club. He did not just own Rovers, he lived thorugh everything to do with the club. Simply put Walker is Blackburn Rovers. RIP mate you will never be forgotten.

  2. Brlliant,been saying this for years.Liverpool fans dont like to hear this.Ah remember those days,still get shivers watching this.Thank you Jack,may he rest in peace

  3. My wife pointed this out to me, as only Blackburn, Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal have won the premier league, we are obviously one of the Big 4! Liverpool? No, they’re not in this exclusive club 😉

  4. Im suprised Jack walker didn’t rename himself as Blackburn Rovers. If you would have seen his heart im sure that it would definetley be Blue And White Halves. THERE’S ONLY ONE JACK WALKER.

  5. He was a legend and he will be in the hearts of every Rovers fan, young and old. Long live Jack Walker.

  6. Every Rovers fan owes there football life to Jack Walker. Without him Rovers would have had no recent sucess. To me Wlaker is Blackburn and Blackburn Rovers.

  7. There truly is, was and only ever will be ONE JACK WALKER!
    Thank you so much Uncle Jack for the great memories, that most of us could only have dreamed.

  8. THERES ONLY ONE JACK WALKER. you are a legend uncle JACK and thank you for the best years of blackburn rovers history you will never be forgoten R.I.P MR BLACKBURN ROVERS

  9. i shook his hand on nuttall street one morning when i was 9,my dad took me to buy the strip,it was the yellow away strip ,he had a very firm handshake and seemed very down to earth.i was at wembely when rovers won the play offs in 92 against leicester,i was hardcore rovers fan

    Never will be forgotten.
    We will always be singing his name and keeping his memory alive.
    Jack walker is still alive, in Ewood Park, in every fans hearts, and he always will be! x

  11. what a story he transformed blackburn into premier league champions that fantastic i wish leeds could av got a chairman like jack walker

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