9 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers v Aston Villa 1988”

  1. Great memories of this game. The Blackburn End felt so full that day. One of the few times it really rocked!!
    Att:- 17,356 but the main stand (riverside) had been closed for safety reasons. If i remember correctly Villa & Rovers were the top 2 in the div when we they met….rovers coming out top on this occasion.

  2. Top, top video. Thank you for sharing it. Football as it used to be, ay?

    Up the Villa and great game yesterday, you did yourselves proud.

  3. i wish rovers fans went as crazy when they score as they did back then it annoys me when we score and im going mental but then people around me are just standing and clapping its like show some passion for gods sake!

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  5. Thanks for your comment back Steve! You were a legend at the club, and your remembered well here in Blackburn! They were sum of my best memories of my life, being able to stand behind the goal and watch you guys score great goals back in the day. Once again it’s been emotional! Thanks for the memories…


  6. Hi Alex
    This is Arch answering, my 10 year old son Elliot has just shown me the video and you comments, and you were right I was puffed out as I had just ran the length of the pitch, but it was worth it. Seeing the video and your comments has brought it all back, great times and brillian people in Blackburn, Don Mackay and the club really looked after me and I enjoyed a great experience, you included.
    Kind regards
    Steve Arcibald

  7. Great to find this game on here! Remember it well!! I was the ballboy in the blackburn end running over to arch in the back of the net. I remember he was quite winded and I give him a victorious pat on the back! As you can see a photographer came running over and took a picture of me in with him and it was on the back of the telegraph the next day! Happy memories!

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