25 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers v Burnley October 18th 2009 – Burnley players come out on pitch”

  1. y the fuck r premiership never ever aka preston north end fans commenting on a bburn vs dingles video go comment on bpool vs pne. They slag us off saying we dnt fuckin sing but last time i watched bpool vs pne on sky bpool were out singing pne all day pne have never been in the prem and never will get in the prem

  2. @Crofty9110 yeah you have got shit fans you 6 fingered mong! blackburn were the second cheapest season tickets last year in the whole country because they were tryin to get you scruffy blackburn dick heads on deadwood

  3. @jammy11bfc your sayin that we got shit fans? on both derbys i barely heard u lot sing..back to where you belong now though…blackpool will represent lancashire better than u muppets

  4. @jammy11bfc those empty seats in the Darwen end were season tickets only, otherwise they would have all been sold out.

  5. u Blackburn fans r shit u couldnt sell all your tickets in the derby match at your own fucking ground.

  6. scrubber what u on u , at least were not a , paki town in blackburn (8) we hate basterds (8)

  7. all you blackburn fans . if u get tickets to turf moor . it will be the best game u will have ever been to . the atmoshere is electric !! up the clarets ! we hate basterds

  8. i don’t see why people who support burnly think there better than blackburn. Burnley are shitter than Blackburn and is a town full of scrubbers

  9. You actually have to play No Nay Never over the PA to get people singing it? That’s pretty sad. Up the Clarets.

  10. And oh my god amazing intense chanting by the Rovers fans there…..heard better at a party for mutes 🙂

  11. Preston fans are strange they dont turn up on big games, against normal average opponents theres a good atmosphere yet when we have big games theres nothing unless its a derby. We have a low population of Prestonians uni students make up alot of the population off Preston theres not really that many people from preston in preston.

  12. some games against lesser sides are quiet yeah but look ive watched you against west brom and toon and it was like a church, all could hear was the away fans ands these were your biggest games – blackpool………. only bolton on sunday was worse than you 21,000 with 3,500 rovers fans

    average 25,000 despite population, ethnic and driven down town and glory hunting young ppl of today watching man utd sat on there ass but hey they aint glory hunters….there mum came from manchester ha

  13. trust me our ground has better atmosphere ive even got a mate whos a rovers fan and hes says most games its fairly quite.

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