9 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers v Wolves – “4000+ on the road again – BRFC empty seats”

  1. blackburn fans are up there with wigan and fulham as being the worst in BOTH the prem and the championship…. fuck me even some
    league 1 and 2 fans are better

  2. @brfcatkins94 ……….very big words from behind a computer screen – maybe consider washing your foul mouth out with some soap? Look forward to you coming down the Molineux or do you only go to the occasional home match? BRFC is a second rate team, followed by second rate supporters (very few of them) and for that reason, no doubt next season you will be in a second rate divison,……………. no go away little boy.

  3. @BARTONWOLF haha my keyboard as slow i cant keep up with my typing and your the fucking inbreds you dirty looting bastards how much did wolves pay te reff seen as we should have been given a penalty and you getting frills cause you beat us once you only brought that many cause cheap tickets

    We didn’t outsing Blackburn ?? you fucking kidding me
    blackburn have the quietest home fans in prem along with wigan
    we outsang and outplayed you all game get over it !!!! /_/

  5. brfccatkins94 Lmfaooo Blackburn Going Down You got no one Good at All Shit Ground No Fans ahahaha!!

  6. bull shit did u fuck out sing us u retarded scruffs u only sang when u scored andwell done for beaing us for the first time in the premier league

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