25 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers Win Premier League”

  1. @notgnikrow
    Spoken by someone with a good head on their shoulders, football violence is merely stupid and worthless, seriously what is the point in starting fights for no reason, they just use football as an excuse, you sir are completely right in what you are saying, people who purposely look for fights need to grow up a bit.

  2. ive seen many football games and climaxes, most that spring to mind inc british teams are “utd bayern 99” or “liverpool milan 2005” i know both were comebacks but they dont compare to the last day of 94-95 season. notice when redknapp scores, rovers fans are stunned, then a natural cheer comes even though their team is losing 2-1 on the day. only on the last minute could that have had happened. cant explain lol

  3. big thanks 2 LUDEK MIKLOSKO!!!! west ham + blackburn legend forever. he got a heroes welcome to ewood park when he came out for the 2nd half at the blackburn end. think it was qpr he was playing for near when he retired. blackburn end were chanting “LUDEK! LUDEK! haha come on rovers love it

  4. I was only 13 there. Went to game with my dad. Could’nt understand why we were cheering blacburn. I get it now! 🙂 Well done!

  5. feel sorry 4 big sam but 4 me it was the right decision,right down to the acadamy blackburn think to play football u have to be 6ft 4 and built like a tank,think tevez silva scholes ashley cole rooney,lennon,shearer torres might disagree,lower leagus mentality.

  6. i must say i am a rovers fan but we owe west ham for their last minute defendin cuz we all know wot united are like

  7. Apart Arsenal, Rovers are my most favorite team…
    It’s a great thing that they have woned the title in 1995.

    But now days I would like to see more people at Ewood park when Rovers play

  8. Lazzie there Blackburn lads all over the place but no muckers about,so no we didn`t get done

  9. @notgnikrow it was hardley a match its the worse game ive seen at bloomfield road in ages and our atmosphere was awful for once bt both teams were crap hw the hell ollie said we played well i dnt knw!!!! lucky buggers

  10. @lazzie1990 ye well i cudnt give two shiny shites abt twats who go looking for fights, i care more abt the actual match. I think you need to grow up.

  11. 2-1 to u lot on the pitch bt ur firm is awful welcome to blackpool u got done over off the pitch

  12. haha good old times in pattern breaking b4 arsenal n chelsea got the glory back many years later except liverpool lolz…i think if king kenny manages liverpool,,,they could have won it n still lead the roster with 19 title

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