The Burnley midfielder Chris McCann has said that his team are extremely looking forward to the prospect of bringing an end to the bad run of form that they have suffered against their arch rivals Blackburn. Burnley come into this match looking to beat Blackburn Rovers for the first time since 1979. This is extremely astonishing given the fact that it is one of the oldest rivalries in football. McCann has said that Burnley fans have suffered for a long time in this respect, and they need to savour the chance to taste victory against one of their biggest rivals.

Chris McCann has not been part of this fixture in the past three times because he has been injured on every occasion. He is very much looking forward to meeting Blackburn for the first time in a competitive encounter. The 25-year-old has said that these kind of matches do not come often. He has recalled the first time he was part of this derby – as a ball boy. Robbie Savage was a player for Blackburn during that period in 2005. Even though he was born in Dublin, McCann has said that he has been adopted by the town of Burnley as he has been playing for the club since the age of 16.

“You’re thinking ‘this is a massive, massive thing’. People underestimate how big it is, especially for the people of Burnley. You walk around the town and the first thing people say is ‘we can’t wait to play Blackburn’. You see how much it means to them, so you don’t want to disappoint anybody or let anybody down,” said McCann ahead of the match. Since the arrival of the new manager, Blackburn have been struggling to get results in the league. They have just one victory in the last five matches.