10 thoughts on “Celtic (Huddle) v Blackburn”

  1. i went that game, i was in away support though, i support both teams, it was so hard not to sing along to the fields of athenry.

  2. @olli1973 I never really look into the pre-season games is all just about fitness the real stuff starts next saturday!

  3. number 20 and 21 looks as if theyve pissed their pants.. thats what the celtic bhoys clubs known for.. sticking their bums out and bending over. tut tut at them.
    oh what was the score? :O-o

  4. We’ll be there to give the Bhoys a cheer, when the league flag flies….

    nice vid mate… but Im sad, the Celts lost again….
    cheers … olli

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