25 thoughts on “Dimitar Berbatov 5 goals vs Blackburn”

  1. berbatov isnt lazy, he is smart, he doesnt waste his energy running all over the fucking field like a retard, he is patient and intelligent and strikes at just the right time, this nicely compliments rooney’s faster style of play. berbatov gets a shit ton of goals for a reason and that is because he is fucking good and it just looks like he is running slow because he has a long stride and is tall

  2. @CR7Goals I havn’t called himlazy once this season but last season he was really just finding his feet in the utd shirt

  3. Berbatov is the best striker in the league at the moment. Makes me a proud Red.
    WHAT A GOAL! The 5 fantastic goals!

  4. look at the fifth goal, he prefer passing the ball to rooney than getting the fifth goal(he got it later ofcoz), this shows what a good person he is

  5. Lol this guys is amazing but you cant compare him to messi !!!

    I would like to see Manchester United vs Fc Barcelona in the champions league

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