19 thoughts on “FANZONE – Bolton Wanderes 0-2 Blackburn Rovers (22/11/09)”

  1. @urfymurfy . . . . I’m not hiding nything Pal. Face the truth little man Rovers are just a team of Wanderers hasbeens and your going nowhere !

  2. @grantisbwfc Last cup win (League Cup) was in 2002, and we get to the latter stages of the tournament most seasons, Got to FA cup semi-final in 2005 and 2007 too….

  3. @urfymurfy all bolton people are like that……peter kay isnt *funny*….the things he jokes about is what actually happens in bolton and when was blackburn rovers last cup win? or even reachin the semi final or even final ?

  4. nah bolton arnt bigger then rovers obviously. history says it all. blackburn are have beens bolton are never beens ;p

  5. The Rovers fan looks like Jim Sturgess, and the Bolton fan could not be more lancashire.

  6. Bolton bigger than Rovers my arse.Wots this guy on.He,s like a Peter Kay tribute band in guy commentating form.Why is he hiding behind this Peter Kay persona.Wot is he hiding?Look into his eyes.Wot is he afriad of?Bigger than Rovers my arse.

  7. Bolton probably are potentially a bigger club than Rovers but they’ll have to start getting some fans in to prove it. Local derby, £15 a ticket, 4,000 away fans to bump up the attendance and they still can’t reach 22,000.

  8. haha bolton fan…..bolton aint bigger than rovers…..they were so crap, outplayed, outsung…..and as for not saying 2-0 to much……havent beat us for 11yrs at reebok shud i say breezeblock church

  9. ricketts goal was even worse than that abou diaby own goal against manchester united.

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