15 thoughts on “Feyenoord v Blackburn Rovers”

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  2. blackburn is the smallest town in the prem – population – 105,000

    to get 20,000 each week, not including away fans, thats 1 in 5 blackburners go to the match…
    its a lot better than most other teams in comparison to there population.

  3. and you arnt even our propa rivals, if you have seen, its burnley, and i was talking about u sellin out the away end at blackburn, were were the other 4,000 at ewood this season that came the season before, exactky, ur fans are shite

    our fans have top support for oiur numbers and we sing all the time away unlike you nobs

  4. yes, and you only got about 16,000 fans against us at ur ground cus we took 2,000 and the attendace was 18,000

    that is the only time u sell out

    if your tickets were cheap like ours thwen we wud sell out your away end like we used to do all the time until ur stuoud robbin prices for a breeze block that isnt even in bolton

  5. inbred? blackburn? wrong place mate!! n you’re from boltyon so dont even comment!!! shit ground shit fans? you talkin bout bolton? that eyesore off the motorway?

  6. Bolton Rivals ????????? since when you manc bastards. Our rivals are teams in Lancashire not Manchester.

  7. more i can say for you! you only brought 19,000 fans 2 ewood park against ur rivals! SHAL WE FILL UR GROUND 4 U?!?

  8. LMFAO! You mean the fans that only came cos there were cheap tickets? I remember last season when you brought like 100fans.

  9. omg lmao lambert1875 best fans??? fukin inbreds shit ground shit fans. i wer ther went bolton beat you inbreds 1-0!!! jussi and the 2 penaltys. n we av got wel beta fans dan urs!!!

  10. This bit was ok, it was when the Rovers players went back in again that it got boring. I was just behind to your right near the plastic fence.

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