FIFA 11: The Manager Mode Show – S2 – EP45 & EP46

Please examine description. twenty Thumps up? “Every small Helps” 2nd Channel – Wonderful FIFA Directors Hey guys, welcome to yet another instalment into my FIFA 11 job mode, with Blackburn Rovers FC If you have missed time 1, verify out the link under. The hyperlink will lead you too season a single of my profession mode with Blackburn Rovers. Website link to Period 1 playlist – But if any of you have missed the previous episodes, click on on the hyperlink beneath so you can go back again and catch up on all the latest football game days. Website link to Season two playlist – When do I upload? – I upload five movies a week which start from a Monday to Friday. So a video clip each day right up until Saturday which I don’t upload on and Sundays. Also I try to do a commentary on each and every video clip that I upload. If you want any details about what pc I use and what recording/modifying tools I use, post in the comments what you would like to know and I will get back again to you as soon as achievable. Stats Sport sort – Job Mode, Supervisor. Manual managed team (My Chosen Staff) – Blackburn Rovers FC 50 percent Duration: five minutes Trouble Stage: Legendary Ball: Default (Default to House Staff) Property Stadium for Blackburn Rovers “Forest Green Park” renamed “Ewood Park” Pitch Pattern: Chequered Huge or Default to Property crew stadium. Digital camera enjoying type: Tele. Camera Height “Maxed out” Digital camera Zoom “Fifty percent Way” Description on my job so much
Video clip Rating: five / five

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  1. @WelshDragonDsG HaHa Great Vids Man I’m Subbed To U And IrishWelshCelt 🙂 Keep It Up 🙂

  2. i play on legerdly is thats howu spell it and i agree that thay should make a new difficultly

  3. You should let the subscribers vote on what team you move/stay with next year 🙂

  4. The difficulty should be put up when being a goalkeeper because even as the worst teams you never get a shot taken at you

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