20 thoughts on “FIFA 12 – UEFA Champions League 2012 Final Highlights – FC Barcelona Vs Blackburn Rovers”

  1. @TheMadBear1972

    Thanks for your question.

    To record my Gameplay Footage I use the Climax Digital VCAP 305.

    I have previously Uploaded a Video called “Climax Digital VCAP 305 XBOX 360 Quality Test, Setup, Review and Comparison Guide Tutorial” which may be helpful to you.

  2. @lOvEROfMUsiC132


    Thanks for your question. The Champions League is featured in FIFA 12’s Career Mode as I won the English Premier League with Blackburn in Season 1, which meant that I qualified for the Champions Cup (Champions League) Competition ready to play in Season 2.

    I hope this helps.

  3. @SYLARII2

    Hi, thanks for your question.

    For this Game I used a Custom Flat 442 Formation, with balanced tactics. I changed the approach to Very Attacking in the later stages of the Match.

    I try not to use the same Formation too much as I like to mix things up.

    I have another Video showing my UEFA Cup Final of West Ham Vs Marseille where I used a Diamond 41212 Formation and in Ultimate Team I prefer to use the 4312 Formation.

  4. @avatarcbHD

    I’m pretty sure each Players Potential will be the same whether you are playing on XBOX 360 or PS3.

    I’ve now Updated the FIFA 12 Career Mode Bargains Thread on the xbox360achievements Forum, to show my West Ham Squads Attribute Growth up to December in Season Two.

    I also took my own advice and Signed Jordan Ayew at the start of Season Two and moved my Virtual Pro back into Defence to get more of the Defensive Accomplishments.

  5. @THINKITWANTITDOIT yeah thanks, im just finishing the first transfer window. its fun to build your way up from scratch rather than start with 100 million. ill be checking that thread every now and then, it shouldn’t make a difference if i’m on ps3 should it? its the same system and everything. oh btw ayew is a MONSTER scores in every game even if i sim

  6. @avatarcbHD

    Thanks for confirming that my guess at the Lobbed Through Ball Controls for FIFA 12 on the PS3 are correct.

    I really should get around to creating a new Post on the FIFA 12 Career Mode Bargains Thread on xbox360achievements Forum to Update the changes I’ve made to my experimental high potential West Ham Squad. I’m in November of Season Two now, and there have been quite a few new additions so I’ll try and Update the Thread in the next few days.

  7. @THINKITWANTITDOIT yeah it is im on ps3. im here coz of you on the forums 😀 i’m getting all the players you suggested (plus some of my own) and tryna take west ham to the champions league

  8. @ChelseaFcTheChmps

    If I were to guess the PS3 Controls I would say, Hold L1 + Triangle + Left Stick, instead of LB + Y + Left Stick for the XBOX 360. Can anyone else confirm whether this is correct?

  9. @ChelseaFcTheChmps

    Thanks. To perform a Lobbed Through Pass using XBOX 360 Controls, Press and Hold the Left Bumper (LB) and use the Through Ball Button (Y) to apply to correct amount of power. The Left Stick (LS) can then be used to select the direction you want the ball to travel in, just like any other pass.

    I hope this helps.

  10. hey i gotta question. how do you do those great high through balls that split the defense.?



    The key to FIFA 12 is patience. Try not to dive in or make too many Defenders pressure the ball at the same time as most of the decent Teams will cut you open time and time again. Just stand off and stay Goal Side of the opposition and try to cover the next pass and you’ll find playing on World Class Difficulty much easier.

  12. you come to final of champions league with blackburn on world class??man thats good,you are good,i play on world class to but i cant get to final and you did that with little blackburn

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