9 thoughts on “Final whistle at Blackburn Rovers v Wigan Athletic May 2012”

  1. Thats what people said to us last season and the season before that strange we stay up and everyone who said that looks like a tit

  2. please explain how we deserve to relegate down the ranks?? you may have 19 trophies but were a team steeped in history and tradition and thats what us blackburn fans care about, our traditions and values as a team have been ruined in a matter of months… just remember man utd are not in the collection of teams which founded the first ever football league… so you can hang on to your trophies, we are not a glory hunting team, we were happy as we were before we got thrown down the shitter

  3. You know that idiots have been saying that for the last 7 years and all we do is…………. hahahahahahaha………………. at them. You have just joined that list of idiots.

  4. a wigan fan saying we don’t get behind our team you deluded cunt!! you take 1500 fans to a derby match and get 14-15000 at home games absouloute shame to be called a premier league club get a fuckin grip mate and not once do you hear a peep out of your fans at home!! DAFT CUNT!!

  5. @stevelane1956 you f*cking pratt, we are fully behind our team, hense why we go to every match to support our team, its our managment we are not behind you thick tw*t… back where we belong??? at least weve got a league trophy in our cabinet mate

  6. Not once do they get behind their team, they are a disgrace to football!!
    Back where they belong and about time too!!!
    Fu@king retards!

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