In Demand

If you have been hearing about Blackburn Rovers it is mainly in the context of the players who are considered assets for the team. At a time when the new season has begun and players are being shuffled, loaned and bid for by the different teams, Blackburn Rovers have talented players like Grant Hanley who is being looked at for signs by Newcastle United.

It is said that Rovers has been contacted by Newcastle and they have expressed their wish to add Hanley to their team. This is being proposed so that the new team could be formed by this month and the ranks can be built up for the new season’s performances.

Grant Hanley has been in the news as the center back player of considerable skills. With Newcastle United is looking to pick him up, there is much being discussed about him and how he would contribute to the new team. The player is a Sot International player, but he would definitely help to strengthen the defense of the team. With Fabricio having exited from the team, there is a position that needs to be filled.

While there are players from the lower ranks who can act as a substitute, getting fresh blood infused in the ranks would help to build the competition within the ranks and better the performance of the team in general. Newcastle launched a query for the player who is 24 years of age. The player is from Dumfries and is 6ft 3 in. The club feels that the player is open to the idea of moving to St James Park to stay. If the deal is pulled off the club would have another leader in their ranks as Hanley has been a skipper with Blackburn and has much experience in his games.