Interview with Goalkeeper Gloves Endorsee Kay Hawke

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Complete Identify:Kay Hawke

Existing Club:OOH Lincoln Ladies

Previous Club(s):Blackburn Rovers LFC

Squad Number:one

Height:5ft 11



Internet site Questionnaire

What dimensions goalkeeper gloves do you use?Size 7

What is your chosen alternative of goalkeeper gloves?Surround Roll IGS Get in touch with Foam 5mm Goalkeeper Gloves

How numerous pair of goalkeeper glovesdo you consider to a match?three – one particular to warm up in, match goalkeeper gloves and aqua pair of goalkeeper gloves incase of rain.

How usually do you alter your goalkeeper gloves?Varies on wear and time of 12 months, match goalkeeper gloves about as soon as a month.

Any suggestions on goalkeeper gloves care?Always set aside a various pair for instruction and warm ups, and leave in sizzling h2o after a sport, then dry naturally. In no way put them on a radiator, i did and forgot about a pair when-i had to peel them off!

How can I preserve the existence of my goalkeeper gloves?Boost your catching strategy, if you can cushion the ball into your fingers then alot the wear and tear minimizes as you don’t have the scrubbing impact on the foam.

How do you warm up for a match?My goalkeeper coach utilizes a pre-determined set warm-up schedule, starting on aerobic physical exercises. As the warm up continues the drills are a lot more goalkeeper movement certain, and all elements of the game are covered, i.e passing, kicking, crosses, shot stopping and dynamic movemnts.

Have you obtained any unique preparations ahead of a sport?My pre-match and throughout the sport nutrition is usually the exact same, i make positive i have at least a 40 moment warm-up and come in from it 15 minutes early to get myself in the correct frame of mind for it. I make sure we all huddle before kick off and give them certain instructions, it’s all in the preparation.

What do you eat ahead of a sport?Beans on toast for breakfast, then a yoghurt, banana and power bar prior to and throughout the warm up and at half time, usually with at least 2L of drinking water/vitality drink.

Do you have any superstitions?I often touch the crossbar ahead of the commence of every single fifty percent, even when i go out to warm up.

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