25 thoughts on “José Enrique vs. Blackburn 10-11 (Away) By Antooz”

  1. Im a Newcastle fan – and you guys now have a top top left back! quality footballer. Pains me to say it…but hope he continues to do well!

  2. sad to see him leave :(, great signing for liverpool, fast strong and has a great long ball. he will become much better defensively playing alongside the likes of carrager. wouldnt be suprised to see liverpool win it this season, especially with the form they showed in the last third of last season and with all the new signings, kenny is doing a great job. good luck!

  3. @iLoveNUFC1892 As I Liverpool fan I thankyou and I hope you manage to get rid of Mike Ashley, he’s the English version if Hicks & Gillett! Goodluck this season!

  4. i rate this guy very highly and good on him for showing his class in a team like newcastle no afence. welcome to liverpool jose and even though im a liverpool fan i hope newcastle can sign some good players with the 40 million they have

  5. He’s a great player. If he plays as well for Liverpool as he did for us then Liverpool fans are in for a treat.

    Don’t blame him for leaving for a more ambitious club where he is probably getting more money and will have a better chance of success on the pitch.

    He was loyal when we went down (although at that point in his career I doubt he’d have got more money elsewhere)…. I wish him well.

  6. Jesus he might have played well but i didnt see him or anyone else there actually score any goals

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