9 thoughts on “Leicester City v Blackburn Rovers (Play Off Final. 1992)”

  1. I was 12, I was there and one of my first City heroes ended up breaking my
    heart. Still, what a great feeling it was on the M1 on the way down, then
    the mass of royal blue at Stanmore. Shame about the result, but what an
    experience it all was at that age.

  2. Robbed. Blackburn finished 20odd point behind Leicester that season and we
    bossed them the whole game. Speedie took a dive and their defence was as
    lucky as hell

  3. OK, I stand corrected then. I thought the first live play-off final was
    Swindon v Leicester the year after but I bow to your knowledge.

  4. I was there, and I just remember how much we were on top in the second
    half, but couldn’t get the goal. I’ve always loved that Bukta kit, I think
    it was our best one.

  5. I remember this wasn’t even live on tv! Difficult to imagine now how shit
    itv’s coverage was back then

  6. It definitely was on tv, I watched it at My Grandads, and I still have the
    recording on video somewhere.

  7. The rest is history, lol. Rovers missed a pen, atko missed a sitter at the
    end. Next step, sign worlds best striker for 3.5M. Happy days, when nobody
    had heard of venkys

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