20 thoughts on “[Live] Head to Head AZ- #3- Blackburn Rovers”

  1. weird how you got the same name both of you haha, im gonna watch both of your series because they are both excellent! 😛

  2. Thanks mate, I’ve got the next 2 ready to go, just working on a coin making tip vid first

  3. np also maybe you could do some ultimate team pack opening vids would be great keep going well done !

  4. man i fucking love you no homo ive watched you from your southampton vids until now your like the unfamous version of lee nelson

  5. how do you make so much profit in ultimate team and can you go rangers fc in the spl for the next match

  6. errmmmmm not really mate, is your firewall set to strict or something?

  7. Average of Acceleration + Sprint Speed, so if a player has 80 acceleration and 90 sprint speed, they will have 85 pace.

  8. nice vid matt btw i keep getting disconnected from the ea servers any idea how to sort it

  9. not trying to start a console debate, but i have never seen the shit that happened in that game on xbox..

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