pre-match sing-a-long-a-Nidge!

Manchester metropolis center pre-match sing-a-lengthy with a couple of Rovers enthusiasts. FA cup semi-last 15th April 2007 (examine out the bird with the amazing arse….& eagle-eyed camera work)

25 thoughts on “pre-match sing-a-long-a-Nidge!”

  1. What a song. In a parallel universe somewhere there are 3,000 Rovers fans about to all join in with it away at City. Unfortunately in this universe half our fans can’t be assed unless they’re drunk!

  2. good luck for the season, ul probably come back up, unfortunatly lost to blackpool

    seeya anyway

    cant be assed arguing more

  3. who dont follow footy and people who are unemplyed as its a lower paid area than ur shit dump of a city, our fans were class today, well supported, ur right, fulham did bring about 500 (joke), u only brought about 300 to ours at a price of £20 adults (joke too) we sold out at urs and u still diddnt giv us extra and u diddnt even sell out, im just tryin to get the poinbt that most people dont see, we hav gud support for our numbers, lets draw a line cus i hate arguin,it gets on mi nerves

  4. yes, realy half empty when we get nearly a quarter of our population in ewood for our average of 25,000, look at your population of god knows, dont use the excuse of villa, west brom and wolves as wolves and west brom hav there own urban population, u cuddnt even sell out last game of season at home against us, there were loads of empty seats and ur ment to be a well supported club??? pmsl, dont come here tellin us to fill our ground when we hav a population of 100,000 and half are asian

  5. lmao, fuk me u might get promoted back but your not good enough for the prem, and yes, ince as our manager, we will do miles better than your shitty club anyway

    but wait till preston and wolves are the top teo teams and you lose in the play offs at wembley, lets see who will be crying then, cheerio, iv got a PREMIERSHIP match to watch at 3o’clock

  6. This is the best Nidge

    Nidge is a good Blackburn Supporter.

    btw he have drive me and some friends to Blackburn after 5 a-side competition. (Football cup)

  7. not a blackburn fan my self but i think this song is great. might have to steal it for the confrence 😉

  8. this is a gd song it abt time we sing new songs wen wer away because r songs r crap lol funny at liverpool the 1 abt rafa haha i myt try start this off at birmingham 4 las game of season

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