21 thoughts on “PRESTON 3 – 0 BLACKBURN ROVERS. (2010)”

  1. @brfcatkins94
    what you on about. liverpool fans? wth. and we will come back when wer in prem. may take a few years but im happy in championship

    ps you only got 3 stands (riverside aint a stand)

  2. you cant get any internatinal players half your stadium r liverpool fans rejects come back when your in prem

  3. @pnejoel10 Ok im a PNE fan we were quite loud but u cant just say we outsung rovers because they were loud and our turnout was embarrising we are meant to be a city ffs

  4. I’d say about 100 of our fans were singing, maybe not even that but we were loud and we outsung you the whole game, Your just a small town in burnley.

  5. @nathan775 Yes? That’s why I said ‘if they were told to play their normal game.’

    Lest we forget that at Ewood last season, we were unbeaten against the top four?

    Rovers were shite in this game. Yes. But if you’ll take that, and it puts some of those supporters money in the kitty (and lets face it, you need it more than we do) then so be it.

    Hope we get you in the FA/League Cup. THEN you’ll see Blackburn Rovers.

  6. @roversrule87
    Wow. your in Premier League. You played like a league 1 side. And Englands number one did well

  7. @roversrule87 lmao wtf sorry basically your full 1st team? 3-0 by the end of next season you will be getting relegated alardyce said we played well your team did shit. The shittest match next season is going to be blackburn v blackpool and your fans were singing were gna twat you outside that never fucking came either

  8. @CallOfDuteh told to play their normal game? thats meant to be premiership standard correct even then sam alardyce even said they basically played shit and we played very well no offence to the rovers fans but they made us look like the prem side

  9. haha preston fans put your willies back in your trousers, a shitty little pre season friendly? lets see what you do when it matters, in either cup competition, or the premier league. oh sorry i forgot your CHAMPIONSHIP! hahaha xx

  10. @CallOfDuteh
    Sorry about that. Ye, it wer the performance of your team that made you leave.

  11. @adamskibobs
    The last 20 minutes of the game i never heard anything from rovers. It wer only a friendly anyway. And at the end there wer like 5 rovers fans singing at the back of the bill shankly and then we went THERES ONLY TWO OF YOU SINGIN, TWO OF YA SINGIIN then they shut up.

  12. Any neutral there would say we outsung preston by far
    You have to be retarded to say it was the other way round, we played shit though haha

  13. @adamskibobs exacly, the only nobenders who were singing were like 10 kids in the invincibles stand haha. All you could hear was Rovers fans, even at 3-0.

  14. @amoxunlimited Was ya fuck, Rovers fans were the only ones signing. They are the only ones I could hear and I was sat in the Tom finney!

  15. @amoxunlimited Ha. It was hardly the fans that made the Rovers leave. It was the performance from a team that was due to set off to Australia today.

    You know as well as I do that if they were told to play their normal game, Rovers would have battered Preston. Instead, we have a sweet tournament to look forward to in Sydney this weekend.

  16. @amoxunlimited Did you just say you out sung us? seriously we made twice the noise you did. We sold 2000 tickets, you sold 3,500. Your turn out was a joke. You had like two dozen 15 year olds in tracky bottoms in the corner, I think they have watched too much green street to be honest.

  17. @adamskibobs
    That stand was closed because it wer a friendly. And our fans were good enough to out sing yours and we made you leave. Cheerios cheerios cheerios.

  18. Wow! look at all those Preston fans behind the net!

    Preston North End = Tin pot club

    Worst support in Lancashire

    All I ever see in Preston are Liverpool tops

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