The Blackburn manager Michael Appleton has said that he expects the striker Jordan Rhodes. The striker managed to score the goals in the recent 2-0 win over Bristol city. The striker has been one of the positive aspects of the club this season. His goals in the match against Bristol were his 19th this season. It is an incredible return for the player who has made 28 appearances in all competitions. He was one of the expensive signings in the Championship this season, but he has so far proved to be a great value. However, the manager Appleton has said that would like to see an improvement from the player when it comes to the hold-up play.

Even the opposition manager Sean O’Driscoll was in praise of the striker by saying that he is very much similar to Alan Shearer at his best. The former Blackburn Rovers striker is regarded as a legend after his achievements with the club. Hence, it is quite a praise to be compared alongside a player like Shearer. O’Driscoll has praised the attributes of Rhodes by saying that is extremely quick and alive in the box. It makes him the first person to react to any opportunities and half chances that may come his way.

“He’s a very good finisher. That is why the football club paid the money that they did to bring him here. I want to bring more to his game, I want him to be better at holding the ball up,” said the Blackburn manager. “He’s clever. Give him a chance inside the six-yard box and I know who my money would be on. You’ve got mark him from a corner. He’s not the quickest, he’s just clever. I’ve watched him so many times, he almost feeds on scraps and he doesn’t get frustrated, which is his biggest plus for me,” said O’Driscoll.