Seven – Blackburn (Rovers in his heart) Anthem Song

Blackburn Rovers song! This is an unofficial video for the song “Blackburn” by the Norwegian band known as Seven, from their album “The Fifth” released in October 2009. The tune is obtaining rotation at Ewood Park. Spread the phrase!
Video clip Rating: four / 5

25 thoughts on “Seven – Blackburn (Rovers in his heart) Anthem Song”

  1. the title of this video should actually be…. Manchester United Seven Blackburn (Rovers in his heart) Anthem Song One

  2. This is a great song as a blackburn fan also catchy as i had my friend whose an everton fan singing it all day haha

  3. We may not have the popularity or appeal of Man United or Barcelona but we are, based on the amount of trophies won, the 9th most successful club in England. I’m glad Seven have referenced Colin Hendry in the song. He epitomises what Blackburn is about, and what football should be about: strength and professionalism, arte et labore.

    Let’s hope Rovers continue to play in the Premiership for years to come, and let’s hope, as rovers271185 says, Burnley descend to a level more fitting: hell!!!

  4. Amazing Song…. Rovers one of the only teams who knows how to be run…. miss tuguy tho, best player i’ve seen in a long time!

  5. not a fan of blackburn cause im a fan of south american team colo colo but this song is epic

  6. you have never been to a rovers game as he has been one of the worst first team players for 2 years

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