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HistorySilk was founded in the late 1960s by George Silk, a Scott motorcycle fanatic who worked for Derbyshire Scott specialist Tom Ward. George Silk developed a racing motorcycle by fitting a Scott engine into a Spondon frame. Following some achievement with a `Silk Particular at the Barbon Hill Climb in 1970, Silk commenced organizing a road going prototype with his organization partner Maurice Patey. They set up Silk Engineering and began supplying a spares and repair services for Scott motorcycle owners. They also supplied a array of modifications to strengthen the reliability and overall performance of Scotts, as nicely as enhancing the lubrication and gas flow. Silk exhibited the prototype at the Racing and Sporting Motorbike Present in London in 1971. Orders exceeded his capability to make them but he hand constructed 21 Silk-Scott Specials in between 1971 and 1975. The provide of Scott engines was limited so buyers were asked to discover their very own.Matt Holder, who had purchased the rights to the Scott engines disputed the use of the Scott trademark and prevented Silk from producing Scott engines under licence, so Silk had to build his own. A new two stroke engine was created by David Midgelow (from Rolls Royce engineering) and George Silk, and they had guidance from two-stroke expert Gordon Blair of Queen University, Belfast, who optimsed the porting with the assist of specialist laptop or computer packages. The Silk 700SMain report: Silk 700SSILK 700SThe Silk 700S was launched in 1975 and featured the new engine in a specially developed steel tubular frame produced by Spondon of Derbyshire, who also produced the forks. At a expense of 1355 it was expensive and far more than any other production motorcycles of the time. The 700S continued to be developed at the Darley Abbey performs in Derbyshire, along with the SPR Manufacturing Racing version. Manufacturing was slow, with just two motorcycles a week coming off the manufacturing line. Customers could decide on from five color schemes – British Racing Green, metallic blue or green, black with gold coachlines or plain red. There was also a Scott specific edition in purple and cream – and a unique scheme related to Silk Lower cigarettes, which have been well-known at the time. The thermo-syphon cooling technique boiled h2o employing engine heat, then fed it back again from the radiator in a rubber tube to the engine instances, where it boiled yet again, removing the will need for a h2o pump.The Silk Engineering company was taken more than by the Kendal based mostly Furmanite International Group in 1976 who continued production of the Silk 700S and in 1977 it was upgraded to the 700S Mk2, which Silk known as the Sabre. Enhancements from the Mk 1 incorporated finned cylinder barrels, a redesigned seat, instruments and rear light nacelle. In 1978 the 100th Silk motorcycle was created and production continued right up until December 1979 when Silk realised they have been losing 200 with each motorbike sold. The Silk 500The very last Silk motorbike ever before built was Clive Worrell’s 500cc product based mostly on a prototype that was by no means developed. It was used as a levels of competition prize for Classic Bicycle magazine. The Silk 350The Silk 350 was a Silk two stroke Trials prototype that was produced but by no means created it into creation. Resources^ a b Brown, Roland (1999) (in English). The Heritage of British Bikes. Parragon. ISBN -75253-153-. ^ a b c d De Cet, Mirco (2005). Quentin Daniel. ed (in English). The Full Encyclopedia of Classic Motorcycles. Rebo International. ISBN 13: 978-90-366-1497-nine. ^ a b c d “Silk 700S”. Retrieved 2008-12-28. ^ Kemp, Andrew De Cet (2004). Traditional British Bikes. Mirco. Bookmart Ltd. ISBN one-86147-136-X. ^ a b c “History of Silk Motorcycles”. Retrieved 2008-twelve-28. v  d  eBritish motorcycle manufacturersCurrentAJS  Broom Growth Engineering  CCM  Greeves  Megelli  Mtisse  Norton  TriumphDefunctABC (19191923)  Abingdon (AKD) (19031925)  Advance (19051947)  AER (19371940)  Ambassador (19461964)  AJW (19281976)  Ascot-Pullin (19281930)  AMC (19371966)  Ariel (19021970)  Armstrong (19801987)  Baker (19271930)  Bat (19021926)  Baughan (19201936)  Beardmore Precision (19141930)  Blackburne (19131922)  Bradbury (19021924)  Brough (19081926)  Brough Outstanding (19191940)  BSA (19191972)  Calthorpe (19091939)  Chater-Lea (19001936)  Clyno (19091923)  Corgi (1946-1954)  Cotton (19181980)  Coventry-Eagle (19011939)  Coventry-Victor (19191936)  DMW (19451971)  DOT (19081978)  Douglas (19071957)  Dunelt (19191935)  Duzmo (19191923)  EMC (19471977)  Excelsior (18961964)  Francis-Barnett (19191966)  Greeves (19531976)  Haden (19121924)  Healey (19711977)  Hesketh (19811988)  Humber (18981930)  HRD (19221928)  Ivy (19111934)  James (19021966)  JAP (19031939)  Levis (19111939)  Martinsyde (19191923)  Matchless (18991966)  Montgomery (19021939)  Ner-a-Automobile (19211926)  New Hudson (19031958)  New Imperial (19011939)  Norman (19351963)  Norton-Villiers (19661972)  Norton Villiers Triumph (19721978)   NUT (19121933)  OEC (19011954)  Ok-Supreme (18821940)  P&ampP (19221930)  Premier (19081921)  Panther (19041967)  Quasar (19751982)  Quadrant (19011928)  Raleigh (18991967)  Rex-Acme (18991933)  Rickman (19601975)  Rover (19021924)  Royal Enfield (1893-1971)  Rudge (19111946)  Scott (19081965)  Silk (19761979)  Singer (19001915)  Sprite (19641974)  Sun (19111961)  Triumph (18851983)  Sunbeam (19121964)  Velocette (19041968)  Villiers (1898-1966)  Vincent-HRD (19281959)  Wilkinson (19111916)  Wooler (19091954)  Zenith (19051950) Classes: Motorcycle manufacturers of the United Kingdom | Defunct manufacturing companies of the United Kingdom

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