Liverpool Target Price of 12.5 Million

Report by Vanscijane

Beijing 14th January morning would seem the Everyday Mail, The Netherlands Hamburg striker Elias (Elijah Eljero) Cost £ 12.5 million, Liverpool and Wigan with tht all expressed interest in Elias and Elijah attained lish this strong winger and allow him and Dirk Kuyt can truly fly on the wings of the Red Army.Elia, now 23 many years previous, in summer time 2009 to transfer from Twente cost € 850 000 000, Hamburg, Elijah left and appropriate wings are skilled, superior engineering, superior penetration ability. The very first season in the Bundesliga, Elia good performance with 32 assists and nine plays to six balls. But this period affected the progress of several of his rookie period, coach Elia Amin tax is not a cold that left the opening of the Dutch nationwide crew, their thoughts.South Africa 2010 Entire world Cup, spotlights efficiency Elijah, the 1st battle of the sport in Denmark, Elias 67 minutes on the bench in the enjoyable breakthrough in an elevator in the left column, supported indirectly Kuyt with the sealed the victory for the Country Netherlands. The Netherlands arrived at the ultimate, all the way to go, Elia also a loan. Currently, the representative 23-year-old Dutch winger Netherlands international has played 17 groups into two balls.With the electrical power of the Entire world Cup in South Africa, chasing Elia Club and rejected a minority, and only recently offered as dominant deposit significant sums of money Wolfsburg, they want to be on the lending of Elia, but squarely in Hamburg. Athletic Director Bastian – Reinhardt said: “We will not lease the feeling it is a very simple conclusion is provided to Elijah, we need to get at least 12.5 million lbs.”Day-to-day Mail uncovered that interest in the club to Premier League club Liverpool and Wigan Athletic to Elia. Previously this month, Hodgson nonetheless functions as Liverpool Elijah. “Hamburg-line” or even disclosure, Elijah with the Liverpool Jerseys Soccer has negotiated personally with transactions transfer from Liverpool. Now, though the Liverpool supervisor Kenny Dalglish was changed, but the team on the offensive, the problem persists, Elia – Kuyt to Liverpool can actually fly with two wings Torres be totally activated.In addition, Wigan also wants Elia, supervisor Bastian – confirmed that Wigan Athletic Reinhardt presents acquired: “This is an give from Wigan, want to hire Ely Beneath 50 % of the period right after taking over, but we n ‘we disagree. “In addition to creating the wing, also a potent Liverpool striker Fernando Torres to share the stress, the Every day Mail exposed that Liverpool eyeing Stuttgart striker played mountain Reb Russian Ark, the centers most strong in terms of nationality or about the club objective of a stable fee. Reb agent Kerouac, Berg with the Torres Jersey 9 explained: “There are a quantity of Premiership clubs interested in him, but Stuttgart did not want to depart now, maybe in the summer time, we’ll consider a decision in the future “.”Daily Mail “has also led to hunting, the mountain club Tottenham Hotspur Reb Yake and Blackburn Rovers.

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