An incredible golden period in Blackburn Rovers’ wonderful history is undergoing a major crisis due to inexpert ownership, awful managerial decisions and a lack of consistent performance.

All Rovers fans possibly dreaded the ‘Premier League adventure’ would end some day. The continuously increasing monetary odds has badly affected but none could have ever thought the ridiculous nature in which an affluent running run club has crashed for about the last eighteen months.

Most Rovers fans will wish that they never ever hear of Venky’s. This entire fault is owner’s decision. They selected and had faith upon Steve Kean, thus allowing the club to spend around 20 million pounds on more often than not duff signings along with allowed years of knowledge and skill of the club to go on waste.

There is a faint ray of hope after Bolton’s heavy crush to Spurs which will at least give Rovers the scope to fight. Although the possibilities are less with just 2 games left and 3 points adrift. There is nothing working in favor of Blackburn Rovers that here are lots to complain, very less to appreciate.

But the preparation is in full swing for what might possibly be the last Premier League match at Ewood Park. Monday night’s trip of Wigan, is an apt to rejoice an amazing journey of the club for the last two decades.

For a town with a population of nearly 100,000, the awesome footballing accomplishments have been in one word miraculous and outshined everything which any other Premier League club could not have handled over a continual period.

Rover’s fans have been on a journey which no town club can ever feel again. To spend merely 2 seasons out of the Premier League and 9th position in the league’s all-time rankings is an achievement which leaves the club as the excellent achievers for over the past twenty years.