The Redmen: Did Gerrard Miss On Purpose?

After seeing Steven Gerrard sky his penalty from Blackburn there has been a couple of statements that his heart was not in it. The Redmen’s staff of psychic physique language professionals have reviewed the footage and can Exclusively reveal what Stevie G was contemplating as he struck his pen. The Redmen Is THE Independent Liverpool FC Indicate
Video clip Rating: four / five

25 thoughts on “The Redmen: Did Gerrard Miss On Purpose?”

  1. I reckon it was on purpose, he even looks at Woy after skying it, good enough for you Woy you fookin manc secret agent.

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  3. Who nicked my front door from my flat……can you find out , It cannot be any Manchester United supporter, because they all have job in London to ……….so they can pay the taxes for all the Liverpool supporters living of the council

  4. ‘If i score this, it’ll be like the fight back in instanbul, we can win this game, and roy might keep his job…
    ….Ah Fuck that’

  5. the guy on the right should try to speak a little bit slower so ppl like me can understand

  6. There’s only one Stevie Gerrard
    There’s only one Stevie GEEEEERRRRRRAAAADDDD
    There’s only one Stevie GEEEEEEERRRRRRAADDDDD
    What a legend, what a champion. Putting the club before his reputation.

  7. never really looked at it like that. stevie did lean back which he never does for penalty’s

  8. Haha, I have no clue what you are talking about. I clicked since the video is all red.

    The Scouse Accent is hilarious!!

  9. lol at the blackburn fans celebrations, they are fuckin funny. They knew stevie did that on purpose to get hodgson out… gerrard never misses penalties !

  10. He missed on purpose that’s what you get woy for insulting the Liverpool fans YNWA

  11. @forzasmonkey Only an idiot would say Steven Gerrard can’t play football, even Chelsea wanted him.
    Scouse and proud by the way, you daft cunt.

  12. it could be that gerrard’s just shite like. he just cen’t play footborl like? fucking scousers

  13. Um quick tip he missed for hodgson
    A silent protest to tell him GTFO
    Meph he is gone now

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