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  1. @haticem68 Turkish soccer had many talented players who didnt evolve to a world class player because they lacked professionalism. Tugay was a great player, but believe me there were greater talents, like Sergen Yalcin..Many big teams in England wanted to sign him but he refused to play in England.Search for his videos and you will understand it.

  2. Tugay – Tuncay and Tu─čsan come to Arsenal at 2013 wait premier leaGe ­čśë

  3. Well you’re language is messed-up. Ratt originates from Germany. Ratt means a tall tree. So just because my name sounds like the word rat, it has nothing to do with it. My name migrated here about 4 hears ago. Where is your name from?

  4. tugay suana kadar avrupaya g─▒den turk futbolcular aras─▒nda en ─▒y─▒s─▒dr galatasaydada ─▒y─▒yd─▒ ama avrupada super b─▒r oyuncu oldu tebr─▒kler tugay kerimo─člu

  5. Tugay should have came way b4 to england.. quality, irreplaceable player, no one to fill his boots

  6. Yurt disinda gelmis gecmis en basarili futbolcularimizdan bir tanesi, helal olsun sana Tugay.

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