25 thoughts on “Venky’s – The Fall Of Blackburn Rovers (Trailer)”

  1. Even at our lowest your fucking joke of a little club couldn’t beat us. 35
    years and counting Bubba, we’ll be back to crush you again soon. Now, of
    you go to Jizz on your sister you fucking inbred throw back

  2. This is a videi for Rovers fans, NO B*rnley fans, Tory voters or
    southerners allowed.

  3. This is so sad, todays article in the mail just shows the state these
    bastards have put this proud club in. It’s no longer something to be
    laughed at.

  4. That number is set to rise. Because the Bastards will be in League 1 next

  5. Actually Mikey I fuck your fat wife and ugly daughter at night, cos I like
    to do my bit for a better looking England !

  6. Even though venkys are shit. Burnley are shitter so ye were above you in
    hte table

  7. We’ve laughed at you for 34 years, six fingered bastard. Piss off back to
    your bath where you’re sister is waiting.

  8. Well done on making a documentary on it. The sad thing is, if this was QPR
    or a southern club, this would be aired on BBC or Channel 4 at prime time.
    I was slighly sad to see that it wasn’t a comedy sitcom involving the
    Venkys & Shebby – that is a production that NEEDS to be made.

  9. you also look a bit young to witness Burnley’s last trophy lolol cunt

  10. i’d punch Jerome Anderson if i saw him! dirty scumbag, part of the reason
    the club is a mess!

  11. Dingle s look up haha Blackburn are at the shitest they ever been yet they
    still above Burnley just shows how dog shit the dingles really are

  12. Up the “CLARETS” ins,t it great when the boots on the other foot? Obviously
    the Rovers strikers did have their boots on the other feet this season,

  13. stfu you inbred wanker! It’s not ok that your Dad is fingering you up the
    arse you stupid fuckhead. lolol rtid

  14. when we get relegated to blue square, the venkys will be like “Yes Vely
    good! back in premier! our friend kean says just as good! back in premier!”

  15. Funny, cos’ I remember Bastard fans banging on about how they were back in
    the “big time” when the Venky’s came in. A mate even proclaimed that they’d
    be in Europe when they came in. Funny old game football isn’t it? No
    sympathy from me, you’ve laughed at us for the last 30 years..now it’s our
    turn. Fuck you and fuck your club.

  16. When B*rnley fans write “UTC”, it means, “Usually Talks Crap”…. it could
    also meab, “Unbelievably Tiny Club” or “Unbelievably Tiny C*ck”… the
    jury’s out.

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