Cristiano Ronaldo 2008 *Im’ma Shine!!!* 2008 [HQ] BALLER STATUS COMPILATION!!!

An additional one particular of my ballin’ compilations of the greatest soccer player in the planet: Cristiano Ronaldo and his sensational season (07-08) at the premier league. Play in large top quality Crank the volume New music: “Im’ma Shine-Youngbloodz” Add me on Facebook: Comply with me on Twitter: Many thanks to: Mary17 MoreTags: Ronaldo vs. Arsenal, Ronaldo vs. Aston Villa,Ronaldo vs. Blackburn Rovers, Ronaldo vs. Birmingham City, Ronaldo vs. Bolton, Ronaldo vs. Chelsea, Ronaldo vs. Derby County, Ronaldo vs. Everton, Ronaldo vs. Fulham, Ronaldo vs. Liverpool, Ronaldo vs. Manchester Town, Ronaldo vs. Manchester United, Ronaldo vs. Middlesbrough, Ronaldo vs. Newcastle United, Ronaldo vs. Portsmouth, Ronaldo vs. Studying, Ronaldo vs. Sunderland, Ronaldo vs. Tottenham Hotspur, Ronaldo vs. West Ham United, Ronaldo vs. Wigan Athletic, Ronaldo vs. Villa Real, Ronaldo vs. Real Madrid, Ronaldo vs. barcalona, Ronaldo vs. Roma, Ronaldo vs. AC Milan Cristiano Ronaldo, CR 7 17, Ronney, tricks, moves, targets, highlights, celebration, soccer, futbol, Manchester United, around the entire world, step about, rabona Ronaldo vs. Finland, Ronaldo vs. Azerbaijan, Ronaldo vs. Belguim, Ronaldo vs. Kazakhstan, Ronaldo vs. Italy, Ronaldo vs. Spain, Ronaldo vs. England, Ronaldo vs. Armenia, Ronaldo vs. Turkey, Portugal, Euro 2008, World Cup
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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo 2008 *Im’ma Shine!!!* 2008 [HQ] BALLER STATUS COMPILATION!!!”

  1. fuck that ronaldo is soooo much better than messi i dont even know why ppl compare him with messi like fo real messi will never be as good as ronaldo!!! 🙂

  2. His level right now is way higher than 2008 manchester united, he is the quickest player to reach 22 goals in a league in only 18 games

  3. @HiperStyle

    He’s good but not better than Ronaldo, so that doesn’t make him best player ever does it?

  4. I liked him so much in his beginning… but he destroyed his career when he left Manchester.

    He has a lot to learn of Messi now, like a player and like a person. Messi enjoys playing. But Ronaldo… he only wants fame.

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