Gary Bowyer Applauds Resilience showed by Players

Gary Bowyer, the manager of Blackburn Rovers, lauded the resilience shown by his boys in their previous game in the Championship.

Facing Birmingham City on their home ground the other day, the Rovers were looking pressurized initially despite the support of the huge crowd, but, once they were back onto the pitch after the break, there was a lot more intent in their game and finally, Ben Marshall, the 23-year old winger, found the net.

No equalizer came for Birmingham and thus, Blackburn managed to remain undefeated for the third game in a row.

Talking to the reporters after the game, Bowyer said, “Clearly for the first 45 minutes, we were not playing the way we should be. We were circumspect and a bit reluctant going forward. That was not the way we would have won the game. So, I had a little pep talk with the boys during the break and I just told them to play a little more freely.”

“Their response was brilliant I must say. They did exactly what I wanted them to do. Their body language was positive especially of Ben Marshall. He was on all out attack. We had to get three points and we could not have done that by holding ourselves back. We had to put our foot down on the accelerator.”

This was Blackburn’s 5th win in the Championship this season in 13 games and their first win in about 4 weeks.

The last win that Blackburn had secured was in September against Fulham. In their 4 games thereafter, they had played 3 draws and had lost one.

The next match that the Rovers have to play in the English second division is against Nottingham Forest. That game will take place this Saturday.