Owen Coyle puts the blame on himself instead of his players

Blackburn Rovers are currently pitted in the bottom spots of the English League Championship which is significantly worse than how they had finished in the previous 2015-2016 season where they secured the 15th position; there is plenty of time for the team of Owen Coyle to start collecting points at a regular basis and initiate their process of climbing spots in the 2nd tier of the English League.

The head coach of Blackburn Rovers, Owen Coyle has recently talked about the current situation of his team and stated that this negative start of the season that has seen them losing more games than actually winning is due to his self and not because of his actual squad.

‘’When all is said and done, I’ve got the ultimate responsibility to go and win games and points. We’ve not done that well enough at this point and that is something we need to address quickly. People say talk is cheap and I certainly understand that. We now have to starting getting win after win, which we’re capable of doing. We’ve not been blessed by luck but we’ve got to start making our own luck and going an earning the points that we crave, which are wins’’ The head coach of Blackburn Rovers, Owen Coyle said.

Owen Coyle was appointed as the manager of Blackburn Rovers back on June 2 of 2016 and so far things have not been going well as the club is drowning with a number of points being dropped in almost every single match and this is something that Owen Coyle is hoping that can stop soon as it’s affecting the spirit of his players.